We are Yugenso

Yūgensō  is a combination of two words “Yugen” + “Enso” . Yūgen suggests that which is beyond what can be said, but it is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world, this experience. Ensō symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create.

A unique marketing agency made up of out of the box thinkers , creative designers,digital researchers,developers, social media gurus and your creative directors.


Eclectic Marketing

Social media amplifies your PR which builds on your advertising, which heightens the relevance of your CRM and provides a base for your content creation, and so on. So we work in a way today’s consumers live. Connected.

We have a wide range partners,  strategists, planners, creatives, digital specialists and brand teams. Our role is most often as lead agency, developing and delivering integrated campaigns.

Free your mind

Not Just For Philosophers

We live every day to the fullest. We are the people that have travelled the world always chasing the wind, riding perfect waves and have discovered that the earth is not flat.

Let us tell your story… It’s not what we do; it’s why we do it!

Tailor Made Quality

Built By Actual Users

The secret to our success lies in the core of what we do. We combine creativity and technology with market-leading data research in brand and user experience, to create something unique for every client.

Enter Into A World Of Fun

Here are a few of our videos 

We Are Yugenso 0:26

We Are Yugenso, is a short, rhythmic video, explaining the meaning of Yugenso

App Development 0:46

Animated short marketing video for app development

Online Marketing 1:40

Is online marketing for you? how about you decide after watching our video

What We Do

We incorporate strategy, creativity and technology to deliver outstanding and effective Services


Print, Broadcast, Outdoor, Online


PR, Social & Content

Brand strategy

Print, Broadcast, Outdoor, Online
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